Pilot study of cognitive function in individuals treated with adjuvant FOLFOX chemotherapy for colon cancer.


Principal Investigators:

Howard Lim (Medical Oncologist, BCCA)


Kristin Campbell


The purpose of the study is to determine if subjects with colon cancer who are receiving 5FU/Oxaliplatin based chemotherapy are affected by cognitive dysfunction.

You are eligible to participate in this study if you are:

  • You fully understand the study and give your informed consent to participate as demonstrated by signing this consent form.
  • Have been diagnosed with colon cancer and are scheduled to being treated with 5FU/Oxaliplatin based chemotherapy
  • Can understand/write English
  • If you live outside the Lower Mainland, you may participate if you are able to travel to Vancouver for your follow-up visits
  • Are 18 years or older.

You cannot participate if any of the following describe you:

  • If you have started 5FU/Oxaliplatin based treatment
  • Have a condition that may alter cognitive testing such as clinical depression, anxiety disorder, history of substance abuse or neurological disorder
  • Are taking medications that may negatively affect cognitive function, such as particular anti-depressants, major tranquilizers or anticonvulsants
  • If on screening testing, there is evidence of cognitive dysfunction

If you are eligible to participate, the study involves:

Three visits, one around the first 2 weeks of chemotherapy, one around the last 2 weeks of chemotherapy and the final visit approximately 6 months after the completion of chemotherapy. Each visit will last approximately 4 hours or can be broken into 2 separate 2 hour visits if needed.

Recruitment for this study has been closed For more information about this study, please contact your oncologist.