Research Team


Bolette_CEPLBolette Rafn

PhD Student

Bolette Rafn has completed her MSc in Health Science at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her thesis was on breast cancer rehabilitation, specifically focusing on the arm function of breast cancer patients after surgery, a project that was also supervised by Dr. Kristin Campbell. She has a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy with several years of clinical experience. Clinical research with focus on prevention and early rehabilitation of physical impairments among breast cancer patients is her main interest. Bolette began her Ph.D. in breast cancer rehabilitation with Dr. Campbell in September 2015. Outside of research, she enjoys the beauty of Vancouver and its surroundings on a mountain bike, in hiking boots or with a pair of skis


Holly Wollman

PhD Student

Holly is a graduate from a Masters of Science in Kinesiology from UBC in the Cardiorespiratory Lab. Her thesis was on Workplace Wellness and Cardiovascular Impacts with a specific focus on the economic evaluation of the program. She has 3 years of experience working with the NExT and EXIT clinical trials, run through UBC CEPL lab under Dr. Kristin Campbell as an exercise trainer and research assistant. Additionally, Holly has worked on the Movember funded True NTH lifestyle management initiative as an exercise trainer and research assistant, a pilot study based out of the University of Calgary.Holly is a Certified Cancer Exercise Physiologist, gaining the certification at Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute in 2014. Holly started her Ph.D. with Dr. Campbell in January 2016, with a focus on community feasibility and economic evaluations of exercise rehabilitation programs as part of usual care in cancer therapy/treatment. In her spare time. Holly enjoys playing/coaching soccer and going to the beach with her foster dogs.


Sarah Sayyari

MSc Student

Sarah is currently a second year Masters student studying Rehabilitation Sciences in Dr. Kristin Campbell’s lab. In 2015, Sarah completed her Bachelor’s of Kinesiology Degree from UBC, with studies focused on interdisciplinary studies and exercise physiology. In addition to her academic background, Sarah is also an experienced personal trainer, certified and insured by The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. Sarah’s research interests include clinical exercise physiology, endocrinology, oncology, and women’s health. Currently, Sarah is working as a research assistant in the Clinical Exercise Physiology Lab and has been involved with several studies including The Challenge Trial, Next, and Healthy Breast Tissue project. Sarah will be conducting both The Access to Physical Rehabilitation Services for Cancer Survivors in British Columbia and The Rehabilitation Needs Assessment of Breast Cancer Survivors in British Columbia studies as part of her master’s thesis. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys volunteering, marathon running, and playing tennis with her boyfriend Joe.


Kelcey_CEPLKelcey Bland

MSc Student
Kelcey began her MSc in the Rehabilitation Sciences Program at UBC under the direction of Dr. Kristin Campbell in 2015. She completed her Bachelors of Human Kinetics in Kinesiology and Health Sciences at UBC in 2012. Prior to starting her Master’s, Kelcey worked in Dr. Campbell’s research lab as a study coordinator and lead exercise trainer for the Nutrition and Exercise during Adjuvant Treatment (NExT) Study. Kelcey’s current research interests include exercise prescription for cancer survivors and exploring the potential role of exercise in reducing cancer treatment side-effects and improving patient quality of life. Outside of research, Kelcey is a Certified Pilates Instructor and has been teaching Pilates at the Vancouver Pilates Centre for 4 years. She also helps coordinate the UBC Breast Cancer Walking Group, a free community-based exercise program for breast cancer survivors.

Stan_CEPLStanley Hung


Stanley is currently in the MPT/PhD Program at UBC, and in in his second year of the MPT Program. His research interests include investigating strategies to integrate exercise rehabilitation for patients receiving cancer treatments within the healthcare system. Stanley also completed his MSc with Dr. Campbell in 2014, and worked as a Research Assistant before starting the MPT Program in 2015. Outside of research, Stanley enjoys training for and playing competitive volleyball. Stanley is currently a physical therapy student at UBC.

Sarah Weller

MSc Student

Sarah is a first year Masters student in the Rehabilitation Sciences Program at UBC in Dr. Kristin Campbell’s lab.  She completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement Studies) at the University of Queensland, Australia, in 2006. For the past 12 years, Sarah has worked as a clinical Exercise Physiologist specializing in working with people with a cancer diagnosis, during and after treatments and surgeries. She has implemented cancer recovery exercise programs at both clinical and community-based settings in Australia and Canada and is passionate about using evidence-based exercise prescriptions to improve physical functioning. Sarah’s research interests include translating exercise-oncology research into clinical practice and exploring the use of exercise as medicine for prostate cancer survivors, particularly to reduce treatment toxicities, improve function with metastatic disease and to increase adoption of long-term exercise behaviours.  Outside of research, Sarah works privately as an Exercise Physiologist in Oncology and in her spare time she can be found on her bike, cycling up a local mountain.

Alexandra Akl

Research Assistant

Alexandra is currently a third year student studying Kinesiology at UBC. Alexandra has been working as a work-learn student in the CEPL since September 2016. She has been mainly involved in the Exercise Influence on Taxane side effects (EXIT) study, and has helped out in different areas of the lab as well. Alexandra loves being involved in her community and has been an active volunteer at PARC (Physical Activity Research Center), and is also an Assistant Director with UBC Rec Intramurals.  In her spare time, Alexandra enjoys hiking, playing volleyball, and being at the beach with her golden retriever Charlie.

 Savanna Rowecepl

Research Coordinator

Savanna is currently in her last year of her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at UBC. She began as a volunteer in the CEPL in September 2014 and is now a directed studies student in the lab. Savanna has worked on both the NExT study as well as EXIT, and her directed studies is focused on the impact of exercise on cardiorespiratory fitness in the EXIT study. She is also a research assistant at the GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre where she is primarily involved with research related to rehab post-stroke. During her free time Savanna enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and anything that lets her be near the ocean.