Former Members

Name Lab Involvement Current Positions
Amy Kirkham, PhD PhD Dissertation, Exercise cardio-protection from chemotherapy for breast cancer CIHR Funded Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Alberta.
Sarah Neil-Sztramko, PhD PhD Dissertation, Physical activity to improve health and reduce chronic disease risk in female night shift workers CIHR Funded Postdoctoral Fellow, McMaster University
Bolette Rafn, PhD PhD Dissertation, Surveillance and rehabilitation for breast cancer-related upper-body issues
Negin Niksirat, MSc MSc Dissertation, Cognitive and physical function in individuals treated with adjuvant FOLFOX chemotherapy for colon cancer : pilot study
Kelcey Bland  MSc Dissertation; Exercise influence on taxane side effects (EXIT) study PhD Candidate at Australian Catholic University
Sarah Sayyari MSc Dissertation; The Access to Physical Rehabilitation Services for Cancer Survivors in British Columbia and The Rehabilitation Needs Assessment of Breast Cancer Survivors in British Columbia studies ; Research Assistant for CHALLENGE trial
Sarah Weller MSc Dissertation; Exercise counselling to promote exercise behaviour change in individuals with prostate cancer.
Logan Meyers MSc Dissertation; The feasibility of using CT scans to detect changes in body composition over time in colon cancer survivors enrolled in a physical activity intervention.
Stanley Hung MPT; MSc; Research Assistant
Holly Wollman PhD Student Kinesiology Lab Coordinator and Instructional Assistant at Langara College
Andy Chu Exercise Trainer Master of Physical Therapy, 2016-2018, UBC
Sean Nugent Research Assistant MD 2014-2018, UBC
Catherine Landells Research Assistant MD 2016-2020, UBC
Nima Omid-Fard Research Assistant MD 2015-2019, UBC
Tiffany Moore Research Coordinator Minneapolis, MN
Kortni Peill Research Assistant
Lisa Currer Research Coordinator
Julia Kam, PhD Breast Cancer Cognitive Function Study Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkley
Michael Apps Exercise Trainer
Sabrina Wilke Exercise Physiologist Master of Physical Therapy, 2016-2018, UBC
Cecília Assunção        Visiting Research Student Physical Therapy, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Cheryl So Research Assistant Registered Physiotherapist,

Ackroyd Physiotherapy Centre, Richmond BC

Josh Bovard  Research Assistant MSc, School of Kinesiology, UBC
Alis Bonsignore, MSc  Research Assistant PhD, University of Toronto
Elizabeth Milosevic  Research Assistant School of Kinesiology, UBC
Erin Lee  Research Assistant Integrated Sciences, UBC
Savanna Rowe Research Coordinator MPT program, UBC
Alexandra Akl Research Assistant BKIN, UBC
Hannah Happeney Research Coordinator
 Jasmine Kwan Research Assistant MPT program, UBC
Ahmad Khadhair Research Assistant
Aaliya Merali Research Coordinator                      
G. Haukur Guðmundsson PhD Student