Research Team


Kendra Zadravec  

PhD Student

Kendra is a first year PhD student supervised by Dr. Kristin Campbell. Kendra completed her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria in 2018, and her Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences with the Clinical Exercise Physiology Lab. Her current research focuses on how to minimize the prevalence of upper limb dysfunction after breast cancer surgery using physiotherapy. In the future, she hopes to contribute to the body of knowledge that aims to improve the quality of life and clinical outcomes among cancer patients through exercise. During her free time, Kendra can be found running by the ocean, reading, listening to music, and spending too much money on coffee.

G. Haukur Guðmundsson

PhD Student

Haukur is a first year PhD student supervised by Dr. Kristin Campbell. He graduated from the University of Iceland in 2007 with BSc in Physiotherapy with focus on exercise oncology and later got his MSc in Sport- and Health Sciences also from the University of Iceland with focus on cancer rehabilitation, exercise oncology and long term effects of cancer treatments on cancer survivors. Haukur has worked for over 11 years in cancer rehabilitation at the only specialised cancer rehabilitation centre in Iceland. He was the first physiotherapist to work for the centre and created the branch of physical rehabilitation for cancer patients there. His current focus in both work and studies is on online healthcare and physiotherapy for cancer patients in rural areas who don’t have access to specialised cancer rehabilitation in their immediate surroundings. In his free time Haukur does strength training, watches Star Trek and is active in his Buddhist community, having practiced Nichiren Buddhism with the SGI for over 20 years, as well as just hanging out with friends and family.

Sam Myers

PhD Student

Sam is a first year PhD student supervised by Dr. Kristin Campbell. She grew up just across the border in Seattle, WA where she received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Pacific Lutheran University and Master of Science in Exercise Science from Central Washington University. Once she learned exercise improves quality of life in cancer survivors it became her passion. Her Master’s thesis examined the effects of initial fitness level on biopsychosocial outcomes in a 12-week cancer rehabilitation program. Upon graduation, she has worked as an exercise physiologist in a variety of settings including clinically in Cardiac Rehabilitation, in the community as a personal trainer for cancer survivors, and in research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Sam is looking forward to expanding her knowledge in exercise oncology research and hopes to demonstrate rehabilitation programs should be standard care throughout the cancer survivorship continuum. In her free time, she enjoys spending sunny days outdoors in the PNW hiking and cycling and when it’s raining loves quality time inside with her husband and chihuahua mix, Rocky.

Hannah Schulte

MSc Student

Hannah is a second year MSc student supervised by Dr. Kristin Campbell. Hannah completed her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta in 2018. Her research focuses on the effect of body composition, and sociodemographic/psychosocial factors on cancer outcomes in colorectal cancer patients. In her free time, Hannah can be found at the rink playing Ringette, in the mountains hiking or skiing, or at the multitude of local coffee shops.

Aaliya Merali

Research Coordinator

Aaliya is the Research Coordinator for the Campbell lab. She has a Bachelor‘s degree in Kinesiology and a Master of Science in Neurodegenerative Disease and Exercise and is now expanding her knowledge in cancer research. As a certified Exercise Physiologist, she works with both clinical populations and high performance athletes. Her philosophy regarding exercise is that the work you put in today is the result you see tomorrow. In her free time, she is up for anything fun and challenging, especially snowboarding, martial arts and rock climbing.Aaliya’s favourite quote to live by is by Ralph Waldo Emerson“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

Sarah Campbell

Research Coordinator

Sarah graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. In the CEPL, she supports the study on the SIRvivor BC exercise program for men with prostate cancer, while assisting with neuropsychological assessments for the ACTIVATE trial. Outside of work, she can be found walking her chihuahua or hiking in the summer, and snowshoeing or reading in the winter.

Kelly Mackenzie

Research Manager

Kelly is the research manager for the Nutrition and Exercise during Treatment (NExT) program. She is a clinical exercise physiologist with a MSc from University of Alberta (2000). She has both a strong academic teaching background and clinical research experience. As a clinician, Kelly works with clients through their cancer rehabilitation as well as those with complex medical conditions. She enjoys tapping into her creative side to find suitable movement options that work for the clients. When not working, you will most likely find Kelly on a bike or exploring local beaches and forests with her husband and crazy dog!

Sarah Schwartz

Research Manager

Sarah is a researcher with a background in physiotherapy and musculoskeletal research. In the CEPL, her focus is on nutrition and exercise during treatment for people with cancer. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys the many outdoor activities that British Columbia has to offer including hiking and sailing.


Jeffrey Kong

Research Assistant

Jeffrey is currently a 5th-year undergraduate student pursuing his Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia. As a certified personal trainer, Jeffrey is passionate about physical activity and its positive effects on an individual’s health and well-being. In the CEPL, Jeffrey is a Research Assistant supporting the ACTIVATE Trial. In his free time, Jeffrey enjoys participating in a variety of sports and activities including, hockey, skiing, bouldering, and hiking.