Investigators and Collaborators

Dr. Kristin Campbell, BSc.PT, PhD

Dr. Campbell, BSc.PT, PhD, is a physical therapist and research scientist who is leading the effort to understand the role of exercise in chronic diseases, particularly cancer.  Her group focuses on principles of exercise physiology, clinical trials methodology and epidemiology to examine the beneficial effects of exercise and inform clinical practice.  She represented the Cancer Interest Group of the American College of Sports Medicine at the roundtable to develop the first published exercise guidelines for cancer survivors and helped to develop the Cancer Exercise Specialist certification from the American College of Sports Medicine.


Dr. Campbell is a Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation funded researcher for one of the first intervention studies on exercise and “chemo brain”.


Dr. Don McKenzie
School of Kinesiology, UBC

Dr. Lara Boyd, PT, PhD
Brain Behaviour Lab, Department of Physical Therapy, UBC

Dr. Carolyn Gotay
School of Population & Public Health, UBC

Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose, PhD, PT
Aging, Mobility, and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Department of Physical Therapy, UBC

Dr. Todd Handy
Department of Psychology, UBC

Dr. Sherri Hayden, PhD, R. Psych

Cheri Van Patten
BC Cancer Agency

Dr. Karen Gelmon
BC Cancer Agency

Dr. Howard Lim
BC Cancer Agency

Providence Health Care Breast Centre
Mount St. Joseph Hospital

Dr. Margaret McNeely
Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Alberta

Dr. Raewyn Broady
Leukemia/BMT Program of BC, Vancouver Coastal Health

Dr. Alina Gerrie
Leukemia/BMT Program of BC, Vancouver Coastal Health

Dr. Victoria Claydon
Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Connie Eaves
Terry Fox Laboratory, BC Cancer Agency; Medical Genetics, UBC