Aerobic exercise and CogniTIVe functioning in women with breAsT cancEr: the ACTIVATE trial   Image result for university of ottawa logo

Principle Investigator (Vancouver Site):

Dr. Kristin Campbell

Principle Investigator (Ottawa Site):

Dr. Jennifer Brunet

Research Coordinator (Vancouver Site):

Aaliya Merali, MSc


The aim of the ACTIVATE trial is to evaluate the impact of a supervised aerobic exercise intervention on chemotherapy-related cognitive changes (CRCC) in women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer. Chemotherapy-related cognitive changes (CRCC) are reported by up to 75% of breast  cancer survivors during treatment and symptoms persist in 35% of survivors after treatment. Aerobic exercise is associated with improved quality of life in breast cancer survivors and holds promise as an intervention to prevent or mitigate CRCC.


The intervention involves 3X weekly supervised aerobic exercise training for 12-16 weeks. All programs are facilitated by staff who have experience working with cancer patients.

If you are a women who is receiving adjuvant chemotherapy and you are interested in participating, please contact Aaliya Merali at, or 604-827-1914 to gather more information and determine your eligibility for the trial.