Reliability and Validity of Self-measured Arm Circumference in Women with Breast Cancer

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Principal Investigator:

Kristin Campbell

Student Project Leader:

Bolette Rafn (PhD Student)


We are conducting this study to see if women who have had breast cancer can measure their own arm circumference as accurately as an experienced physiotherapist. If the measures are accurate, self-measurement may be a way for women in the future to self-monitor for any onset of new arm swelling or change in lymphedema. This may inform more streamlined referral to treatment when needed. The study, which is funded by the Canadian Physiotherapy Foundation, involves one visit at UBC Hospital of about one hour.

We currently have 32 women enrolled and aim to include 40 women in total.

You are eligible to participate if you are:

A woman, who has had breast cancer. We aim to include 20 women who do not have lymphedema, and 20 women who have developed lymphedema after treatment for breast cancer.

You are ineligible to participate if you are:

Do not have lymphedema and it has been more than five years since your treatment ended.

If you are eligible to participate, this study involves one visit at UBC Hospital of about one hour.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Bolette Rafn at or 604-827-1914