What should the rehabilitation services look like after breast cancer surgery?

We are doing a study to understand the preferences women, who have undergone breast cancer surgery, have regarding upper-body rehabilitation services. The results will help decision-makers make informed health policy decisions about designing rehabilitation services meeting the needs of women after receiving breast cancer surgery.


Study involvement – 25 minutes

This study involves completing one online survey. The anticipated duration is 25 minutes to complete the survey.


The online survey:

The questions will ask about what aspects of rehabilitation services are most important to you. The survey will ask you to make a choice between different hypothetical scenarios involving upper-body rehabilitation, considering aspects like when your first treatment appointment is received, the frequency of rehabilitation appointments, how the rehabilitation is delivered, and the cost of the service received.


If you have had surgery for breast cancer survivor and are interested in informing the design of future rehabilitation programs by completing one online survey, please contact Bolette Rafn at bolette.rafn@ubc.ca or call us at 604-827-1914.