Dr. Kristin Campbell: Featured BC Cancer Agency Blogger for May 2017

Dr. Kristin Campbell and Dr. Ryna Levy Milne are the featured bloggers in the Partners in Discovery Blog hosted by the British Columbia Cancer Foundation for May 2017. Their blogs will highlight the impact of exercise and exercise for breast cancer patients in general, and also discuss the importance of the Nutrition and Exercise During Adjuvant Treatment (NExT) study in British Columbia and research for exercise and supportive care in cancer. Dr. Campbell is one of the Co-Principle Investigators, alongside with British Columbia Cancer Agency Dietitian Cheri Van Patten, for the NExT study.

You can read this week’s blog entry by Dr. Campbell here: http://bccancerfoundation.com/blog/may-17-2017/testing-nutrition-and-exercise-during-treatment

Stay tuned for next week’s blog entry by Dr. Campbell where she will discuss the impact of the participants on the NExT study.

You can read previous blog entries, from Dr. Ryna Levy Milne and others, from the Partners in Discovery Blog here: http://bccancerfoundation.com/blog