CEPL Lab receives Prestigious Grants

ACTIVATE Trial: Avon Foundation for Women Canada Grant

Led by Dr. Kristin Campbell and Dr. Jennifer Brunet (Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa), the ACTIVATE Trial has received a prestigious grant from the Avon Foundation for Women Canada to determine if a supervised exercise program can mitigate the negative impact chemo-brain has on breast cancer populations undergoing chemotherapy treatment.


SUCCESS BC: Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Grant

The Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) recently awarded CEPL team member Sarah Weller and her SUCCESS BC study a research grant for the project. The foundation primary aim is to recognize and support a dynamic research community in British Columbia that is centered around investigation to improve health and lives.


PURPOSE BC: Women’s Health Research Institute Grant

The Janet and Ian Wilson Catalyst Grant was awarded on behalf of Women’s Health Research Institute (WHRI) to research study PURPOSE BC.  This study’s primary objective is to facilitate the delivery of upper-body rehabilitation to women post-treatment of breast cancer, making it accessible to all of British Columbia.