Thank you to all involved in SUCCESS BC

Over the past 12 months, our team has been involved in a project “SUCCESS BC”, aimed at enhancing supportive care resources accessible to individuals with cancer living in BC. Partnering with BC Cancer and HealthLink BC Physical Activity Services we created new resources including:
2. 3 x BC Cancer educational handouts on exercise during and after cancer treatments, exercise during breast cancer and exercise to reduce fatigue (located on the BC Cancer Exercise Support webpage)
3. Expanding the HealthLink BC 8-1-1 service to include Physical Activity Services for Cancer, which connects individuals with cancer to an Exercise Physiologist with cancer training. This service is accessible at no cost to anyone living in British Columbia by calling 8-1-1  and can assist with pre-exercise safety screenings, individualized exercise programs and ongoing support.
We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project, including the HealthLink BC Physical Activity Services team (Barbara, Samantha, Normand & Andrea), Dr. Ryna Levy-Milne from BC Cancer, UBC collaborators Dr. Guy Faulkner & Dr. Cristina Caperchione, the education material review team of healthcare and medical professionals (Dr. Nathalie LeVasseur, Kelly MacKenzie & Melissa Idle) and patients, and the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research for the REACH award funding. 
 We look forward to sharing more results from this project in 2019.
Dr. Kristin Campbell (Principle Investigator) and Sarah Weller (Research Trainee).